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Bounce USA!


What do we want?

To change the world by providing high quality and ground-breaking training that enables people to live fulfilled and positive lives

We serve:

Workforce Career Centers, Community Colleges, Workforce Development Schools and Programs, Prisons, Youth, General Public


To Help:

The Disengaged and Under-skilled, Long Term Unemployed, Under-Privileged, Under-educated, Those seeking a career change

Who is Bounce?

Bounce creates life changing courses and products designed to assist the long-term unemployed, underemployed, disengaged or those seeking a career change to ‘find their calling’ in both work and life. For over eight years, The Bounce Program has been delivered throughout Australia across the spectrum of Employment Services for the long-term unemployed along with Employment Consultants, Reverse Marketers, Recruiters and Site managers. The Bounce Program has also been extended to training programs in the prison system and the homeless shelters, helping those about to enter society with life skills, employability traits and society expectations.

What do we do?

Bounce provides a well-defined yet non-traditional dynamic approach to motivating people into making real and lasting changes in their lives. Across all disciplines, Bounce addresses labor challenges with multi-disciplinary, behavioral training that touches on psychosocial solutions encompassing rapport building, communication strategies, self-talk, self-worth, confidence and diligence, leading people towards job-preparedness with relevant expandable building blocks. Beyond standard job training or traditional skills assessment, Bounce looks at why long-term unemployable people have made the choices they’ve made, evaluate their values and belief systems and guides people towards ‘a life more positive’ by teaching effective communication techniques and positive self-awareness, resulting in greater gains personally and professionally.

What’s Bounce doing in the USA?

Due to the Bounce Program’s success in Australia, Bounce CEO and founder, Maria Smith was invited to meet with Todd Park, US Chief Technology Officer at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, in September 2013 to discuss the introduction o the Bounce Program in the USA. This resulted in a pilot of The Bounce Program in Worcester Massachusetts’s which commenced in February 2014. Bounce Trained a team of US trainers in preparation to deliver to 100 youth aged between 17 to 25. Due to the success of this program Worcester Career Centre has now licensed The Bounce Program to continue this great work.

The Statistics


Youth (14-20) that would recommend a Bounce Program to others


Adults (21+) that would recommend a Bounce Program to others

Did program help you gain skills to…

Youth (14-20)

  • Secure a job? 100%
  • Gain access to community Services? 87.5%
  • Connect better with family/ friends? 100%
  • Take on your own business? 75%
  • Deal with personal crisis? 91.6%
  • Speak up and be heard? 87.5%
  • Build rapport with outside networks? 91.6%

Adults (21+)

  • Secure a job? 85.1%
  • Gain access to community Services? 77.7%
  • Connect better with family/ friends? 85.1%
  • Take on your own business? 55.5%
  • Deal with personal crisis? 85.1%
  • Speak up and be heard? 88.8%
  • Build rapport with outside networks? 92.5%

Its not always good to just think one way (your way) because their can be a better situation or solution on the problem. Always’s be honest, everybody or most people want the best for you, don’t keep it inside to bubble up and let it explode in your mind and can trigger a negative or positive outcome. ‘Rapport’ ‘Don’t fake it until you make it’.

Antonio Jones, 19

The program is great as it is. One of the positive experiences I took away from the class session was to build rapport and to be myself and know that I’m capable to do anything I want to do in life. This program was an eye opener and me realize life is too short and we should enjoy it and complete our goals and make the best of it. Mad me believe more in myself.

Kassandra Robles, 17