Committed to Creating Positive Futures


What do we want?

To change the world by providing high quality and ground-breaking training that enables people to live fulfilled and positive lives

Who do we serve?

Businesses, Organisations, Workforce Career Centers, Community Colleges, Workforce Development Schools and Programs, Prisons, Youth, General Public

Who do we help?

The disengaged and under-skilled, long-term unemployed, under-privileged, under-educated, staff and leaders

Who is Bounce?

Since 2006 Bounce Australia (Bounce) has been delivering Emotional intelligence, life skills based training programs throughout Australia, and more recently in the USA (2011) and New Zealand (2017); working with a multitude of clients; from large businesses, helping develop better communications in the workplace, to individual job seekers, providing clarity and motivation for their future.

“The Bounce Program” is a targeted program for the unemployed teaching essential life skills, employability skills and coaching focused on the development of emotional intelligence, achieving goals, improving integrity, motivation, rapport and effective communication techniques. Extensive job searching techniques are also included with strategies to help deal with job searching, the application process and interview skills.

What do we do?

Bounce provides a well-defined yet non-traditional dynamic approach to motivating people into making real and lasting changes in their lives or the lives of others. Going beyond standard training, Bounce assesses values, beliefs and motivations of an organisation and individuals, providing insight and direction towards ‘a life more positive’ by teaching effective communication techniques and positive self-awareness, resulting in greater gains personally and professionally.

What’s Bounce doing in the USA?

Due to the Bounce Program’s success in Australia, Bounce CEO and founder, Maria Smith was invited to meet with Todd Park, US Chief Technology Officer at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, in September 2013 to discuss the introduction of the Bounce Program in the USA. This resulted in a pilot of The Bounce Program in Worcester Massachusetts’s which commenced in February 2014. Bounce Trained a team of US trainers in preparation to deliver to 100 youth aged between 17 to 25. Due to the success of this program, Worcester Career Center has now licensed The Bounce Program to continue this great work.

The Bounce USA Team

Maria Smith

Maria Smith

Founder and CEO


Theresa Britschgi

Theresa Britschgi

VP of Operations


Kelly Mason

Kelly Mason

General Manager